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Press Release: PUC Largely Eliminates Paper Filings

30 August 2018
Press Release: On August 30, 2018, the Vermont Public Utility Commission ("Commission") issued amendments to its procedures that govern the use of the Commission's online case management and filing system, known as ePUC, to make it easier for interested persons to participate in Commission proceedings. In part, the amendments largely eliminate the requirement that any document filed electronically using ePUC must also be filed with the Commission in paper.

Net-Metering Checklist Makes It Easier to Complete CPG Applications

31 May 2018
Today, the PUC issued this press release announcing a newly published net-metering checklist. Now, anyone applying for a certificate of public good (“CPG”) for a ground-mounted net-metering system with a capacity of more than 50 kW can ensure all documents are completed accurately before submitting them to the PUC. The PUC Net-Metering Web page contains details about the net-metering program, including useful links to statutes, forms and instructional materials.


14 December 2017
The December 14, 2017, report to the Vermont Legislature - Progress on "Increasing Ease of Citizen Participation in Public Utility Commission Proceedings"
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