Proposed Changes to Commission Rule 2.200

On March 23, 2018, the Vermont Public Utility Commission (“Commission”) submitted paperwork to the Interagency Committee on Administrative Rules (“ICAR”) to initiate a rulemaking to revise Commission Rule 2.200, Rules Generally Applicable.

The proposed rule addresses two issues. First, the proposed rule changes the Commission's practice concerning ex parte communications.  Under the proposed rule, the Commission and its staff will be able to discuss procedural matters on an ex parte basis. This change will facilitate better communication between the Commission and participants in Commission proceedings.  Second, the proposed rule will al low parties in Commission proceedings to file testimony in either a question/answer or narrative format. Under the current rule, all testimony must be in question/answer format.  This change will give participants more flexibility in formatting their testimony.

Both of these changes were recommended by the Act 174 working group, a body established by the Legislature to review public participation in Commission proceedings. More information about the working group is available online at:  

After ICAR completes its review, the proposed rule will be filed with the Vermont Secretary of State.  At that time, a formal notice of the rule will be published, a public comment period will be established, and a public hearing scheduled.  The Commission will provide more information about this rulemaking once it is available.

Questions about this rulemaking may be sent to Jake Marren, Staff Attorney, at or (802) 828-2358.  

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