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PUC Case No. 20-1261-NMP Site Visit -MHG Solar, LLC/500 kW/Manchester

RE: Petition of MHG Solar LLC for a certificate pf public good, pursuant to 30 V.S.A. §§ 8010 and 248, to install and operate a 500 kW group net-metered solar electric generation facility in Manchester. Vermont

Before: Jake Marren, Esq., Hearing Officer

Location: Parties are hereby requested to meet promptly at 3:00PM at:
43°10'00.5"N 73°03'01.8"W, on the west side of Richville Road where Green Mountain Road meets Richville Road. Parking can either be on the site or at the Post Office: 3452 Richville Rd, Manchester Center, VT 05255
Consistent with the Commission's May 13, 2021 Order Announcing Commission Will Decide Whether to
Hold Site Visits on a Case-By-Case Basis (#20-0789-INV), the Commission expects that all attendees at site
visits will make best efforts to maintain a six-foot distance from other attendees who are not members of
their household. However, the Commission recognizes that given a particular site’s physical characteristics,
that may not always be possible to achieve. As a result, consistent with Addendum 15 and until further
notice, the Commission directs all attendees at site visits held by the Commission or a hearing officer to
wear masks or cloth facial coverings during the site visits.

Event Date