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The Commission maintains a list of electric companies authorized to operate in Vermont, with contact information. The list indicates whether a company provides generation, distribution or transmission services in Vermont.

Service Territory Map

Vermont has 17 electric distribution utilities, each of which has an exclusive service territory. Green Mountain Power Corporation has prepared a map of Vermont that shows the approximate boundaries of the electric utility service territories. The official service territory boundaries are set out in a series of highly detailed maps that are available for review in the Commission's offices during normal business hours.

Current Tariffs

A utility's tariffs state the rates the utility charges its customers, as well as the terms and conditions under which the utility provides service. Vermont law specifies the process a utility must follow to change its tariffs. The official paper version of a utility's current tariffs is available for review in the Public Utility Commission offices during normal business hours.

Customer Deposit Interest Rate

Net-Metering Log (2016)

The net-metering log for 2017 is available in ePUC.

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