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Vermont System Planning Committee (VSPC)

The Vermont System Planning Committee (VSPC) is an entity, formed in 2007, that plays a key role in the planning process for Vermont's electric transmission system. This planning process is designed to facilitate the full, fair, and timely consideration of cost-effective non-transmission alternatives to new transmission projects. The process involves better coordination among Vermont’s utilities, transparency to the public about planning activities, and structured mechanisms for public involvement.

The members of the VSPC include representatives of each Vermont electric distribution and transmission utility, each energy efficiency utility that provides electric efficiency services, and four public members, each of whom represents the interests of one of the following groups: residential consumers; commercial and industrial consumers; environmental protection; and town and regional planning commissions. In addition, there are two non-voting members of the VSPC, one each representing the Standard-Offer Facilitator and the Department of Public Service. The VSPC meets at least quarterly.

Public Members

The Commission appoints four public members and alternates to represent the interests of residential customers, commercial and industrial customers, environmental interests, town and regional planning commissions. In addition, the Commission appoints a representative and alternate for electric power supply resources within the supply and demand resources subgroup. A full list of the VSPC's members and their representatives is available on the VSPC's website. 

The public members and alternate members serving as the residential, commercial, environmental, and planning representatives have five-year terms that end on July 31, 2028. The member and alternate member representing supply resources serve a five-year term ending on July 31, 2029. The Commission typically starts the process of seeking new members approximately 4-6 months before member terms expire.

Background Information

The VSPC was created by a settlement agreement approved by the Public Utility Commission in a June 20, 2007, Order in its investigation of least-cost integrated resource planning for Vermont Electric Power Company, Inc.'s transmission system (Docket 7081). Both the Commission's Order and the settlement agreement contain additional information about the new transmission planning process and the VSPC's role and responsibilities. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has also been amended in subsequent Commission proceedings. The current version of the VSPC's MOU can be found on the VSPC's website.