Employee List

The Commission

Anthony Z. Roisman, Chairman
Margaret Cheney, Commissioner
Sarah Hofmann, Commissioner

Victoria Hudson, Executive Assistant to the Chairman

Clerk's Office

Judith Whitney, Clerk of the Commission
Holly Anderson, Deputy Clerk of the Commission
Pam Lenahan, Administrative Services Tech. III
Dorothy Morley, Administrative Services Tech. III
Susan Shontelle-Smith, Administrative Services Tech. III
Kim Akielaszek, Administrative Services Tech. II

Legal Division

George Young, General Counsel
John Cotter, Deputy General Counsel
Lars Bang-Jensen, Staff Attorney
Lynn Fabrizio, Staff Attorney
Micah Howe, Staff Attorney
Jake Marren, Staff Attorney
Mike Tousley, Staff Attorney

Policy Division

Tom Knauer, Policy Director
Gregg Faber, Utilities Analyst
John Gerhard, Staff Attorney
Kevin Fink, Policy Analyst
David Watts, Engineer

Financial Analysis Division

Ann Bishop, Chief Economist
Mary Jo Krolewski, Utilities Analyst
Andrea McHugh, Utilities Analyst
Monica Stillman, Environmental Analyst

Business Office

Brenda Chamberlin, Business Manager

Contact Information

Judith C. Whitney
Clerk of the Commission
112 State Street
Montpelier, VT  05620-2701
(802) 828-2358
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