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PUC Case No. 19-0856-RULE Workshop re Proposed revisions to Vermont Public Utility Commission Rule 5.500

Re: This is a Vermont Public Utility Commission (“Commission”) proceeding to review Commission Rule 5.500, which governs the procedures for the interconnection of electric generation systems.
On April 19, 2021, at 10:00 A.M., Commission staff will conduct a virtual workshop to discuss next steps in this proceeding and to review the filings made in this proceeding to date. The first issue staff will discuss with stakeholders is whether this proceeding should continue working with the draft revised rule that was issued in May of 2019 or whether a different model should be developed. Commission staff will make a brief presentation describing the interconnection regulations adopted in other jurisdictions, including those that primarily implement interconnection procedures using orders and model tariffs as opposed to rule-based requirements. Stakeholders are requested to come prepared to address whether a rule-based interconnection process is best or whether a different model would be more appropriate.
Second, Commission staff also recognize the importance of harmonizing the net-metering certificate of public good (“CPG”) process governed by Rule 5.100 with the interconnection process contained in Rule 5.500. The draft rule language issued in 2019 clarifies that certain net-metering CPG registrations and applications are also interconnection applications.1 The draft interconnection rule has provisions specifically describing the process for reviewing interconnection applications for net-metering systems.2 The draft rule contemplated that the interconnection review and CPG process would happen concurrently for net-metering systems that apply using a registration form or application form.3 In contrast, larger net-metering
1 Draft Rule Section 5.505(A)(1).
2 Draft Rule 5.506(A).
3 The Commission had separately proposed in Case No. 19-0855-RULE to amend Rule 5.105 to make the review period for all registrations 30 days to be consistent with the proposed revisions to the interconnection rule. See 03/19/2021
Case No. 19-0856-RULE Page 2
systems that must file CPG petitions pursuant to Commission Rule 5.107 would file a separate interconnection application form before filing a CPG petition.
4 Stakeholders are requested to come prepared to address the appropriate interconnection process for net-metering systems and whether that process should be part of or separate from the CPG process as well as the timing of the interconnection application in relation to the CPG process.
Third, staff will also review the specific comments filed by stakeholders in June of 2019. This will help inform how the issues raised in those comments can be best addressed in the next iteration of proposed rule revisions.
If any stakeholder would like to make its own presentation about potential models for the interconnection rule or about the issues described in this order, they should make a filing in this case by no later than April 9, 2021. Please include a description of the topics that will be presented, an estimate of time required, and a copy of any presentation materials to be used.

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Participants and members of the public may access the workshop online at or call in using the following information: Phone Number +1 (646) 749-3129 Access Code: 927-758-069 Participants may wish to download the GoTo Meeting software application in advance of the workshop at 919789445 Guidance on how to join the meeting and system requirements may be found at

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