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Clean Heat-Public Engagement Consultant - public engagement meetings under Act 18

Curtiss Reed, Jr.

The Clean Heat Standard (CHS) deserves your attention whether you rent your living space, own your home, or operate a business. Join us for one of three virtual gatherings on 17 April, 07 May, or 06 June to learn more about - and share your thoughts on - the potential Clean Heat Standard. The CHS will impact what you pay to heat your home or business.

Vermont Partnership for Fairness & Diversity works with the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to fulfill their obligation under Act 18 of 2023 to create a Clean Heat Standard rule to present to the Vermont General Assembly. An anticipated outcome of our work will be new opportunities for you to save on your heating costs and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Your thoughts will inform the PUC as they create the new Clean Heat Standard.

This potential Standard will serve as a critical component of Vermont’s effort to combat climate change and meet the Global Warming Solution Act’s goals. Come join us in designing our state’s response in the thermal sector!

Click here to register and we will send you start times and Zoom link a few days before the gatherings.

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