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drinking water spigot with water arc
As provided in 30 V.S. A. § 203(3), the Public Utility Commission and the Department of Public Service have general jurisdiction over water utilities that are not owned by users, municipalities, or fire districts. The Commission has jurisdiction, among other things, over water utility rates, terms and conditions of service, complaints, significant sales of assets, any acquisition of control, financings, and the issuance, amendment, and revocation of certificates of public good to own or operate such a water company.

In addition, almost all water systems in Vermont are regulated by the Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division (DWGWPD) of the Department of Environmental Conservation of the Agency of Natural Resources. The DWGWPD manages Vermont’s drinking water supplies with a focus on protecting human health and the quality and quantity of Vermont’s groundwater resources.

List of Water Companies

The Commission maintains a list of water companies permitted to operate in Vermont, with contact information.


A utility's tariffs state the rates the utility charges its customers, as well as other terms and conditions under which the utility provides service. Vermont law specifies the process a utility must follow to change its tariffs.