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The Public Utility Commission is an independent, three-member, quasi-judicial commission that regulates the siting of electric and natural gas infrastructure and supervises the rates, quality of service, and overall financial management of Vermont's public utilities: electric, gas, energy efficiency, telecommunications, cable television (terms of service only, not rates), water, and large wastewater companies.                                                             

Information about changes to the Public Utility Commission's operations due to the new coronavirus known as COVID-19  -  Updated 7-30-20

Information on Vermont COVID-19 Arrearage Assistance Program Offered by the Department of Public Service

Recent PUC Actions

Lifeline Awareness Week

On September 14, 2020, the Vermont Public Utility Commission announced the start of Lifeline Awareness Week to call attention to a federal program that makes telecommunications bills more affordable for low-income households.

Opportunity for Public Comments on AT&T Filing

On September 8, 2020, AT&T Corporation provided notice to the Commission of AT&T’s intention to discontinue providing local residential landline service in Vermont, effective November 13, 2020.  The filing is available in Case 20-2556-PET in ePUC.  Public comments on AT&T’s filing may be filed with the Commission before September 25, 2020.  This filing does not affect AT&T providing residential cell service.

Order Opening Rulemaking

The Vermont Public Utility Commission has opened a proceeding to update and revise its formal rules for Commission cases and hearings. A copy of the proposed rules and procedures for submitting comments on the proposed rules can be accessed by clicking here.

Order Providing Guidance for Exhibit Numbers

The Public Utility Commission has issued guidance on how to number exhibits, effective for new cases filed with the Commission after July 31, 2020.  The goal of this new exhibit-numbering convention is to make it easier for participants in remote, web-based evidentiary hearings to be sure which document is being referred to during the questioning of a witness.

Public Utility Commission Emergency Rule 2.500

Public Utility Commission adopts Emergency Rule 2.500. This emergency rule amends various filing and procedural requirements and provides alternative procedures to reduce or eliminate in-person contact between members of the public and Commission staff or other members of the public to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Forms were filed with the Secretary of State. This Rule was updated on 6/2/2020 to reflect a technical correction to Section 2.504(B)(2).

PUC Issues Report to Legislature on Energy Efficiency Utility Fund Revenues and Expenditures for 2018

The Public Utility Commission has issued its annual report to the Legislature pursuant to 30 V.S.A. Section 209(d)(3)(A) documenting the energy efficiency utility fund revenues and expenditures for 2018.

PUC Issues Report to Legislature on Self-Managed Energy Efficiency Programs for 2019

The Public Utility Commission has issued its annual report to the Legislature pursuant to 30 V.S.A. § 209(j)(4)(G) concerning the self-managed energy efficiency programs for 2019.

PUC Issues 2019 Annual Report

The Vermont Public Utility Commission issued a report summarizing its 2019 activities.

Other Useful Topics

Tips for Using ePUC

ePUC is an online case management system used for filing, finding and accessing Commission case documents. All new cases can be filed in ePUC.  Information on how to use ePUC, including the Commission’s Procedures for Electronic Filing Using ePUC, is available.

Now Open ePUC Documents Without Being Logged In

Anyone can now open public documents in ePUC without being logged in.  You can also click on links to documents in emails sent by ePUC and download the documents without being logged in.

Revised Version of Department/Commission Application Fee Form

The Department of Public Service has posted on its website a revised version of the Department/Commission Application Fee Form for in-state generation facilities. Please use the revised form when submitting your fee payments.

PUC Issues Report to Legislature on All-Fuels Efficiency in Vermont

The Vermont Public Utility Commission (“Commission”) submitted its report on all-fuels efficiency in Vermont  to the House Committee on Energy and Technology and the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy. The report highlights the need for additional funding and parallel comprehensive efficiency programs in Vermont’s heating and transportation sectors. This report lays out Vermont’s existing energy-related goals, programs, and funding sources as a necessary starting point for identifying program and funding gaps that prevent Vermont from achieving its goals and in order to identify opportunities for additional program coordination.

PUC Issues Report on Potential Fees for Electric Vehicle Charging

The PUC submitted a report to the Vermont State Legislature explaining the potential effects from the imposition of fees on the charging of electric vehicles in Vermont.  The report explores a variety of ways to make sure that drivers of electric vehicles pay their fair share of the costs of maintaining Vermont’s roadways and makes recommendations to ensure that the collection of any such fees does not create barriers to the continued adoption of electric vehicles by Vermonters.  The report also explores issues associated with the costs and benefits of electric vehicle charging to Vermont’s utilities and utility customers.  Please see correction to footnote 64.

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