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The Public Utility Commission is an independent, three-member, quasi-judicial commission that regulates the siting of electric and natural gas infrastructure and supervises the rates, quality of service, and overall financial management of Vermont's public utilities: electric, gas, energy efficiency, telecommunications, cable television (terms of service only, not rates), water and large wastewater companies.                                                              


Recent PUC Actions

PUC Issues Report on Potential Fees for Electric Vehicle Charging

The PUC submitted a report to the Vermont State Legislature explaining the potential effects from the imposition of fees on the charging of electric vehicles in Vermont.  The report explores a variety of ways to make sure that drivers of electric vehicles pay their fair share of the costs of maintaining Vermont’s roadways and makes recommendations to ensure that the collection of any such fees does not create barriers to the continued adoption of electric vehicles by Vermonters.  The report also explores issues associated with the costs and benefits of electric vehicle charging to Vermont’s utilities and utility customers, how charging services should be provided, and how those services interact with Vermont’s net-metering program.  

PUC to Consider Ways to Facilitate Review of Net-Metering Systems

The Vermont Public Utility Commission opened a proceeding to consider ways to facilitate the review of net-metering systems, including net-metered solar projects. The goal is part of the Commission’s ongoing effort to clarify and streamline the review process wherever possible, while also ensuring that the Commission and all stakeholders can review the potential impacts of a project before the Commission determines whether a project serves the public good. Revisions to  Commission Rule 5.100, which governs the construction and operation of net-metering projects in Vermont, are possible.

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Tips for Using ePUC

ePUC is an online case management system used for filing, finding and accessing Commission case documents. All new cases can be filed in ePUC.  Information on how to use ePUC, including the Commission’s Procedures for Electronic Filing Using ePUC, is available.

Two New ePUC Guidance Memos Issued

• Memo re Finding Related Cases

• Memo re Compliance Filings When CPG is Amended or Transferred

New Application Fee for In-State Generation Facilities

Act 70, which was signed into law on June 18, 2019, requires applicants for generation facilities within Vermont, including all net-metering facilities, to pay an application fee to the Department of Public Service.  The application fee provides financial support for the regulatory processing and review of generation facilities conducted by the Department of Public Service and the Public Utility Commission ("Commission"). Effective July 1, 2019, any application to construct or modify a generation facility that is filed with the Commission must include a form indicating that the fee has been paid.

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Judith C. Whitney
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(802) 828-2358
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