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About Net-Metering 

Net-metering is the process of measuring the difference between the electricity supplied to a customer by their utility and the electricity fed back to the utility by a customer’s electric generation system (such as solar panels) during the customer's billing period. In Vermont, customers in the same utility service territory are allowed to form "groups" to share in the output of a net-metering system.

how net metering works, click for a simple explanation of the process

The Public Utility Commission regulates the construction and operation of net-metering systems. The Commission also reviews and approves utility net-metering tariffs, which govern the terms and conditions of net-metering service.

Useful Links

Vermont's Net-Metering Statute

Rule 5.100 - Rule Pertaining to Construction and Operation of Net-Metering Systems

Previous version of Commission Rule 5.100 (in effect from 7/1/17 - 2/29/24)

2018 Biennial Update of Net-Metering Rate Adjustors

2020 Biennial Update of Net-Metering Rate Adjustors

2022 Biennial Update of Net-Metering Rate Adjustors

2024 Biennial Update of Net-Metering Rate Adjustors

Net-Metering Registration Guidance: Amendments and FAQs

Instructions on how to file CPG amendments, transfers, and extensions in ePUC

Search ePUC for Net-Metering CPGs

Net-Metering Forms

For Applicants

Net-Metering Registration Form - This form is available in ePUC.

Agency of Natural Resources Application Fee Form

Department of Public Service and Public Utility Commission Application Fee Form

Checklist - Applications for Ground-Mounted Net-Metering Systems Greater Than 50 kW

Checklist - Applications for ground-mounted net-metering systems greater than 15 kW and not greater than 50 kW

Net-Metering Separate-Plant Determination Form

Net-Metering Petition Waiver Form

For Intervenors

Net-Metering Hearing Request Form

For CPG Holders

CPG Municipal Notice Form

Net-Metering CPG Transfer Form for Systems Sold Separately from Land - This form is available in ePUC.

Current Net-Metering CPG Holder Certification Form

Note:  As of March 1, 2024, when the land hosting a net-metering system is sold and the transaction includes ownership of the system, the new owner must provide written notice of the transfer to the electric utility, but no filing needs to be made with the Commission.