Biennial Update of the Net-Metering Program

12 November 2020
Every two years, the Vermont Public Utility Commission is required to assess the incentives offered to new net-metering systems and whether they should be adjusted upward or downward. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure that the pace of net-metering deployment is consistent with Vermont’s policy objectives and to ensure that the net-metering program is not having an undue adverse impact on ratepayers. The introduction to this Order provides a high-level summary of the key reasons for the decisions made in the Commission’s biennial review and their net effect.

PUC Adopts Revisions to Filing Procedures for Requests to Attribute More Than One Net-Metering System to a Group

26 September 2019
On September 25, 2019, the PUC adopted revised Procedures Applicable to Requests to Attribute More Than One Net-Metering System to a Group Pursuant to Commission Rule 5.129(E). The revisions implement Act 81 of 2019, which increased the amount of net-metering capacity that may be attributed to a school or school district, and now allow notice of requests to be provided to utilities using ePUC, instead of through the mail.


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