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Electric power lines

The Commission maintains a list, with contact information, of electric companies authorized to operate in Vermont.

Service Territory Map

Vermont has 17 electric distribution utilities; each has an exclusive service territory. This Green Mountain Power Corporation map shows approximate boundaries for Vermont electric utility service territories. The official service territory boundaries are set out in a series of highly detailed maps that are available for review in the Commission's offices during normal business hours.

Current Tariffs

A utility's tariffs state the rates the utility charges its customers, as well as the terms and conditions under which the utility provides service. Vermont law specifies the process a utility must follow to change its tariffs.

Each utility's current tariffs are available online in that utility's "tariff repository" case in ePUC, the Commission's electronic document management system.  You can find each utility's tariff repository case in ePUC by using the "All Cases" search, selecting "Repository" in the "Case Type" field, selecting "Electric" in the "Industry" field, and clicking the Search button. More information about how to use ePUC is available in the ePUC Information section of the website.