Public Hearing: Attendees Identify Issues for PUC to Address Regarding Investigations into VGS Pipeline Depth and Blasting Procedures

29 November 2017

At a public hearing held by the Public Utility Commission Hearing Officer in Bristol on November 21, 2017, attendees asked the PUC to address their concerns regarding its investigations into the burial depth of the VGS pipeline and the blasting procedures used during construction of the VGS pipeline (both under review in cases 17-3550-INV and case 17-4630-INV, respectively.) The transcript of the public hearing is available here and in ePUC.

Each investigation was prompted by complaints from the public and concerns of the Vermont Department of Public Service (the “Department”).  The public hearing was preceded by an information session at which VGS, the Department, and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources addressed the facts behind the investigations and took questions from the public in attendance.

The public is encouraged to submit written comments on these investigations via the PUC electronic case management system, ePUC, by mail: 112 State St., Fourth Floor, Montpelier, VT 05620, and email: Email the Clerk

All documents in both cases can be viewed in ePUC. 

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