Public Hearing: Ratepayers Identify Issues for PUC to Address Regarding GMP Rate Requests

29 August 2017

At a public hearing held by the Public Utility Commission in Brattleboro on August 29, 2017, ratepayers identified issues for the PUC to address during the evidentiary hearings on two Green Mountain Power Corporation rate requests.  These rate requests are being considered in cases 17-3112-INV (rate increase request) and 17-3232-PET (rate adjustments based on changed circumstances).

All ratepayers are encouraged to submit written comments on the GMP rate proposals by mailing or e-mailing comments to the PUC or to the Clerk of the Commission, PUC, 112 State Street, 4th Floor, Montpelier, VT 05620.  The public can learn about the procedures that will be followed in these two cases.  All documents in case 17-3232-PET and some documents in case 17-3112-INV (all Commission order s, all transcripts, and some filings by parties) can be viewed in ePUC.  Use the case number (17-3112-INV or 17-3232-PET) to find the documents for each case.

Contact Information

Judith C. Whitney
Clerk of the Commission
112 State Street
Montpelier, VT  05620-2701
(802) 828-2358
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