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Public Utility Commission Seeks Member to Serve on Electric System Planning Committee

      On June 8, 2023, the Vermont Public Utility Commission announced that it is seeking to fill two positions on the Vermont System Planning Committee (“VSPC”) – an alternate representing residential electric consumers, and an alternate representing commercial and industrial electric consumers. Each alternate will serve a five-year term, starting in July 2023. The position for an alternate representing residential electric consumers has been filled. The position for an alternate representing commercial and industrial electric consumers remains open until filled.

The VSPC plays a key role in the planning process for Vermont’s electric transmission system. This planning process is designed to facilitate the full, fair, and timely consideration of cost-effective non-transmission alternatives to new transmission projects. The VSPC: (1) facilitates and supports such consideration of non-transmission alternatives; (2) encourages and facilitates public involvement in Vermont transmission planning in general and in the consideration of specific projects; and (3) provides transparency and accountability to the Vermont transmission-planning process.

Members of the VSPC include representatives of: (1) each Vermont electric distribution, transmission, and electric energy efficiency utility; (2) five non-utility members, each representing the interests of one of the following groups: electric residential consumers, electric commercial and industrial consumers, town and regional planning commissions, environmental protection, and electric supply resources; and (3) two non-voting participants, one each appointed by the Standard-Offer Facilitator and by the Vermont Department of Public Service.

Primary members are expected to attend quarterly VSPC meetings (day-long) at rotating locations (a remote option will also be available) and may also serve on one or more subcommittees. Alternate members may attend any VSPC meeting and are expected to coordinate with the appropriate primary member to ensure that the member group interest (e.g., residential electric consumers) is represented at each quarterly VSPC meeting. Members are eligible for per diem and travel reimbursement consistent with that provided to members of State boards pursuant to 32 V.S.A. § 1010(b). Additional information about the VSPC and its role in the transmission-planning process is available on the VSPC’s website at

The Commission strongly encourages interested persons to review these materials. Letters of interest should be sent to Business Manager, Vermont Public Utility Commission, at Letters of interest should describe the applicant’s qualifications to represent that group and explain the applicant’s reasons for wanting
to serve on the VSPC.
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For more information about the Vermont System Planning Committee, contact PUC Utilities
Analyst Mary Jo Krolewski, 802-828-2358,