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ePUC Information|Create ePUC User Account

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How Agency Administrators Create ePUC User Accounts

An Agency Administrator may create an ePUC user account for someone in his or her agency. To do so, the Agency Administrator:

  • Logs into ePUC
  • Clicks on “My Organization” in the top navigation
  • Selects “Manage Users” to access the People screen 
  • Clicks the “Add User” button
  • After filling in the required fields, clicks the “Create New Account” button
  • ePUC will send a welcome email with further instructions to the user’s email address that was provided by the Agency Administrator

After receiving the welcome email, the user:

  • Clicks on the “one-time login” link in the e-mail message to access the Reset Password screen
  • Clicks “Log in” on the Reset Password screen to access the screen that allows the user to enter a new password
  • Clicks “Save” to return to the ePUC homepage
  • ePUC will display a green message under the page title stating that the changes have been saved