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Procedures adopted by the Commission and guidelines for the public.

Using ePUC to File in a Remand Subcase

The process for making a filing in a remand subcase is identical to that for filing in the main part of a case, with one exception. After a remand subcase is created, regardless of what form you choose from the “Select Action” drop-down menu to make a filing, the first screen will appear as shown in this how-to guide. Once a remand subcase is opened, any filings related to the remand should be made in that subcase. Any further process regarding the remand (such as evidentiary hearings) will also take place in the remand subcase.

A Citizen’s Guide to the Public Utility Commission

This document provides basic information about who the Commission is, how to access information about Commission cases, what are the typical steps in a major Commission case, how members of the public can participate in Commission cases, and the role of other State agencies in Commission cases.
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