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Efficiency Vermont Technical Reference Manual

Efficiency Vermont Technical Reference User Manual (TRM) │ Measure Savings Algorithms and Cost Assumptions

"This Technical Reference Manual (TRM) provides descriptions of energy efficiency measures implemented by Efficiency Vermont’s programs together with all the necessary algorithms and default assumptions for estimating the energy (both electric and fossil fuel) and peak electric capacity impacts. In addition, all parameters required for the application of cost‐effectiveness tests (such as loadshapes, costs and lifetimes) are provided. The manual is made up of characterizations which document all assumptions for a particular efficient technology. Within each characterization, there may be one or many specific sets of assumptions that characterize a specific application (e.g. multiple efficiency levels, fuels, capacity ranges, etc.) or technology type (e.g. various LED fixture types) all of which share the same algorithm, but where one or more inputs may be variant."
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