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PUC Docket No. 7250- Telephone Status Conference - Deerfield Wind, LLC/30 MW wind facility in Searsburg & Readsboro

In Re: Amended Petition of Deerfield Wind, LLC, for a certificate of public good authorizing it to construct and operate a 15-turbine, 30 MW wind generation facility, and associated transmission and interconnection facilities, on approximately 80 acres in the Green Mountain National Forest, located in Searsburg and Readsboro, Vermont, with 7 turbines to be placed on the east side of Route 8 on the same ridgeline as the existing GMP Searsburg wind facility (Eastern Project Area), and 8 turbines along the ridgeline to the west of Route 8 in the northwesterly orientation (Western Project Area)

Before: Commissioners of the Vermont Public Utility Commission

Location: By Telephone - Phone number:   1-631-992-3444           Participant Pin: 4085308

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