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Telecommunication Application Forms

All forms listed below must be completed online in ePUC, the Commission's electronic filing and case management system.  All applicants must first be registered with the Vermont Secretary of State to conduct business.

Certificate of Public Good (CPG)

Companies wishing to apply for certification to own or operate a telecommunications business in Vermont must complete a Telecommunications Provider CPG Registration Form in ePUC after reviewing the documents listed below.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Telecommunications companies involved in mergers, transfers of control or asset sale/purchase transactions must comply with Commission Rule 7.500. As stated in that Rule, some companies only need to file a completed Telecommunications Carrier Merger/Acquisition Notification Form with the Public Utility Commission, while others may need Commission approval.

Billing Aggregators

Companies wishing to apply for certification to provide telecommunications billing aggregator services in Vermont must complete and file a Billing Aggregator Registration Form in ePUC.

Commercial Mobile Radio Service (Cellular) Provider

Companies wishing to provide commercial mobile radio service, commonly referred to as cellular service, in Vermont must complete and file a Commercial Mobile Radio Service Registration Form in ePUC.