EEU Financial Oversight

Several independent entities conduct oversight activities related to the Energy Efficiency Utility (EEU) program. In the near future, current reports related to oversight activities will be available for public review in the Commission’s electronic case management system, ePUC. In the meantime, links to some of the most recent reports are set forth below. You may contact the Clerk of the Commission to obtain copies of other reports, including reports from prior years.

Fiscal Agent

The EEU Fiscal Agent is responsible for administering and managing the EEU Fund under a contract with the Commission. It receives payments made to the Fund and disburses monies from the fund to pay approved invoices and expenses. The Fiscal Agent is required to keep accurate accounts of all funds it receives and disburses and provides periodic accounting reports related to the EEU Fund.

The Fiscal Agent submits a monthly report to the Commission concerning the financial status of the Energy Efficiency Utility Fund.

Monthly Report for EEU Activities through August 31, 2016

Department Oversight Activities

The Department’s oversight activities of the EEU Fund include review and approval of payment for Efficiency Vermont's monthly invoices by the Fiscal Agent.

Independent Audit

The EEU Fund is audited at least once each year by an independent auditor selected by the Commission.

Independent Audit of the EEU Fund - calendar year ended December 31, 2015

Reports to Legislature

Vermont law requires the Commission to report annually to the legislature on the revenues collected via the Energy Efficiency Charge and the expenditures made on EEU services. Vermont law also requires the Commission to report annually on the self-managed energy efficiency programs.

Report on EEU Fund - 2016
Report on EEU Fund - 2015
Report on SMEEP Program - 2015

Utility Reports

Efficiency Vermont, City of Burlington Electric Department (BED), and Vermont Gas Systems (VGS) produce quarterly and monthly reports that include short narratives regarding the various services they offer and summary information on their spending and energy and capacity savings.

Efficiency Vermont Quarterly Report – July 1 to September 30, 2016
BED Quarterly Report – July-September, 2016
BED Report Narrative - July-September, 2016
VGS Quarterly Report - July -September, 2016

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