Certificate of Public Good Compliance

You can file a complaint with the Commission or with the Department of Public Service (Department) if you believe that a project has not been constructed or is not being operated in keeping with the conditions of a Certificate of Public Good (CPG) issued by the Commission. The Department handles CPG compliance complaints through its Consumer Affairs and Public Information (CAPI) Division.   

The Department accepts complaints in writing, by e-mail, and by fax or telephone. DPS Complaint Protocol

The results of the Department’s investigation of CPG complaints may include informal resolution, mediated solutions, and written requests that CPG Holders comply with the terms and conditions of the CPG. If these solutions do not work or the CPG Holder fails to comply with a written request to comply, the Department may initiate a filing about the complaint with the Commission.

If a complaint is referred to the Commission by the Department, or if a complaint is filed directly with the Commission, a formal proceeding may be opened, at which point the Commission will act as a court that hears evidence and issues an order that decides the case. Possible outcomes include monetary penalties and requirements that the CPG Holder do certain things to comply with the CPG or mitigate undesirable effects of non-compliance.


For CPG complaints, if a CPG Holder has not complied with the terms and conditions of the CPG, the Commission has a range of tools to use in enforcement, including requests for information and inspections, and more formal procedures such as opening an official investigation, assessing penalties, and/or imposing requirements on the CPG Holder such as modification of the project.

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