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Employee List


Anthony Z. Roisman, Chair
Margaret Cheney, Commissioner
Riley Allen, Commissioner



Ann Bishop, Operations Director
Karen Hutchinson, Business Manager
Rowan Cornell-Brown,  Solar Net-Metering Program Manager


Clerk's Office

Holly Anderson, Clerk of the Commission
Pam Lenahan, Deputy Clerk
Paul Cavaliere, Administrative Services Tech. III
Dorothy Morley, Administrative Services Tech. III
Susan Shontelle-Smith, Administrative Services Tech. III


Legal Division

Steph Hoffman, Interim General Counsel
Dan Burke, Deputy General Counsel
John Cotter, Deputy General Counsel

Elizabeth Schilling, Deputy General Counsel
Jake Marren, Deputy General Counsel
Micah Howe, Staff Attorney
Mike Tousley, Staff Attorney


Policy Division

Tom Knauer, Policy Director  
Jacob Davis, Utilities Analyst
Gregg Faber, Utilities Analyst
Mary Jo Krolewski, Utilities Analyst
Kelly Martone, Environmental Analyst
Andrea Poppiti, Utilities Analyst


Dominic Gatti, Department of Energy Clean Energy Innovator Fellow